What to See in India

What to See in India

India is an exclusive nation which has been exceptionally blessed with a diverse topographical terrain with myriads of natural as well as manmade temptations which attracts scores of tourist from all over the world. Words are less to describe the incomparable beauty of this enchanting nation as the mesmerizing charm of India is beyond any kind of description. To make justice to the beauty of this land one has to experience all of its vibrant facets in person. In India, women like black pearl necklace, so you can see many women wear it.

Every region of India is replete with myriads of attractions: the North of India comprises snow capped Himalayas sheltering magnificently alluring valleys
like Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttaranchal etc. which bestow splendid
hill stations. Western region of India shelters the eminent Thar Desert and
are famed for the elegant architectural edifices exhibiting artistic brilliance.
The eastern region comprises Indian countryside at its splendid best with
tea plantations and emerald hills; the region is also eminent for beautiful
Buddhist Monasteries. The central region is dotted with exquisite caves and
elegant temples. The south has been blessed with enchanting coastline housing most beautiful beaches of the world and certain other attractions as well like mesmerizing hill stations, cascading waterfalls, tea and spice plantations, emerald paddy fields, shimmering lakes, glistening backwaters, fascinating churches and mosques and much more.

To mention all of the prominent destinations that India exclusively houses is not feasible therefore below are some of the most dominating attractions that should not be missed if you are visiting this incredible nation.

Taj Mahal: one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Taj Mahal, is the most eminent site of India elegantly poised against the Yamuna river in Agra, that exclusively exhibits a nonpareil opulence of its exquisite marble work which will surely leave you awe struck by its magnetizing charisma.

Kerala Houseboat
Kerala Houseboat is one of the most dominant as well as traditional attractions of Kerala tourism. Houseboats exclusively serve as a perfect as well as most authentic way to explore the serenity as well as the natural splendor of the tranquil backwaters of Kerala.

Goa Beaches
The smallest state of India, Goa, is repleted with myriads of tourist attractions as the place is blessed with an eternal coastline that houses numerous of spectacular beaches that can compete any of the world top beaches.

Ajanta Ellora Caves
Ajanta and Ellora caves erected by a single rock are the ancient treasure of Indian architectural heritage which is elegantly positioned near Aurangabad in Maharashtra.

Varanasi Temples and Ghats
Varanasi is the most ancient city of India. This divine place is most eminent for housing enchanting temples and the early morning and evening Ganges Aarti. The place is a merger where the physical meets the spiritual self.

Golden triangle of India
It is a fusion of three most prominent destinations of India: Delhi, Agra and Jaipur which exclusively endow you the sheer essence of this incredible land via its exquisite heritage that depicts its cultural, historical, political as well as architectural significance.

Exotic wildlife
The unique topography of India makes it a dwelling place of the most striking range of rare flora, fauna and avifauna species which has been preserved via exclusive national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. There a lot more to see in India, above mentioned places are just a glimpse of this incredible land. Come and visit this nation at its fullest with all of its allurements that it bestows.

There a lot more to see in India, above mentioned places are just a glimpse of this incredible land. Come and visit this nation at its fullest with all of its allurements that it bestows.